Thursday, September 24, 2009

Workin' the Graveyard

Well God certainly blesses us in unexpected ways. I needed a second job and didn't want to give up time in my ministry or time with my wife... so... God provided. I am now the Graveyard Dispatcher at Barstow towing. Since I told God that I didn't want to give up time with my wife... He told me I could work while she sleeps! lol. What a humorous God we serve. It is a great provision. Two nights a week from 11pm to 7am. We can still have date night on Friday and I don't have to give up ministry time. Thank God for his provisions... no matter how strange or unexpected. It will be tough to get used to... But God will help and provide energy. Did I mention I get off work just in time to go to class in Victorville? Ha ha ha! This will be an adventure. But I am very excited for this strange blessing!

1 comment:

  1. Thats so great to hear! God will always provide, even in ways that are super random. : )
    Hope you guys are doing great!